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St. Vincent – Southern America

Saint James School of Medicine is an international medical school with two campuses on the Caribbean islands of Anguilla and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. SJSM students study Basic Sciences at one of our Caribbean campuses then study Clinical Sciences through a clinical rotation program at affiliated hospitals in the US.

Saint James School of Medicine was founded in 1999 by a consortium of medical educators and physicians from universities and colleges in the United States and Europe. Hundreds of students have graduated from Saint James since the school was founded. We have a current enrollment of around 1,000 students.

The overall objective of the SJSM medical education program is to instill in students the essential and enduring knowledge, abilities (skills) and behaviors (values, attitudes, dispositions) that will effectively prepare them to enter and complete post-graduate training in the international healthcare environment.

At the conclusion of their education, graduates will have a clinical knowledge base appropriate for first-year residents, will be well prepared to provide care to patients in both ambulatory and hospital settings, will be skilled in knowledge acquisition tools required for lifelong learning, will deal professionally with the ethical, legal, and economic realities of twenty-first century medicine and health care delivery systems, qualify for licensure, and be able to provide competent and compassionate medical care or pursue other careers such as research.

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SJSM accredited MD program covers the Basic Science and Clinical Sciences. The 10-semester program takes you through Step 1 and Step 2 of USMLE, and clinical rotations at hospitals and clinical facilities in the US, to your graduation with your Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. SJSM are in an elite category of being accredited by both of the principal accrediting bodies that operate in the Caribbean. We are also the first Caribbean Medical School to provide a USMLE Step 1 Pass Guarantee.


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SJSM Testimonials

Zunir C, MD - SJSM 2019 Graduate

I finished my medical school training through sjsm and will be starting residency in neurology in July, 2019. I consider SJSM to be one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean. My graduating class had a record number of residency matches at some great university programs and in a number of sub-specialties. With low tuition, i was blessed to graduate without any student loans which will be a huge blessing in the future.

Sree Y., MD2, Saint James School of Medicine

Saint James is awesome in that it focuses on strengthening your professional and leadership skills, as well as building strong connections that you can use as a licensed doctor

Aqsaa, MD3, Saint James Anguilla

Outside the classroom, faculty are always available. They’re always more than willing to talk with you. They’re not just there for classroom stuff, they’re there to help you with whatever you may need.

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